Footprints in the Sea

Tales of a Marine Biologist


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Although principally known to generations of zoology students at Queen's University Belfast as a lecturer in Marine Biology, Viv Gotto led a fascinating and multi-faceted life. In this entertaining account he tells of his life and experience as a student at Queen's; his time in the war-time RAF, including the blitzes on Belfast and the V1 and V2 rocket attacks on London; his ten-month spell on a remote coral island in the middle of the Indian Ocean, where he was briefly suspected of being a Japanese spy, and his role in an RAF strike for faster demobilisation.

Much of the book is devoted to his post-war life as a Marine Biologist, especially his research on the tiny marine crustaceans known as copepods, on which he is a leading world authority. He has published over sixty papers on these intriguing but barely known animals and describes them here in a manner easily understandable to the non-specialist reader.

Coming from a traditionally sporting family, Viv also became an international tennis player, competing at Wimbledon five times and representing Ireland in the Davis Cup. Viv met his future wife Gwyneth at QUB while both were students. They have two children. Inside, all these memories are vividly recalled, embracing a wide spectrum of life in the troubled and uncertain latter half of the twentieth century.


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