Donegal Highlands

Paintings and Stories from north-west Donegal


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The largest county in Ireland, many would say that Donegal is also its most beautiful. From its magnificent beaches to its rugged hills, from its picturesque seaside towns and villages to its isolated clachans, Donegal has a unique beauty which is nowhere more striking than in the Highlands in the north-west of the country.

In many ways a place apart from the rest of Irelland due to its geography, it is a painters paradise with a fascinating history. Both of these aspects are explored by local men Pat Cowley and Liam Ronayne in Donegal Highlands, Paintings and Stories from north-west Donegal which, with its beautiful pictures and engaging stories, perfectly encaptures the unique spirit of this beautiful corner of Ireland.


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Price: £16.95
Author: Liam Ronayne
Illustrator: Pat Cowley
ISBN: 1900935074
No. Pages: 96
Dimensions: 250 x 180mm
Type: Hardback