Belfast City Hall

An Architectural History


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This book describes the history and architecture of Belfast City Hall from its inception in 1896 to its completion in 1906. It gives the background to the need for a new town hall in Belfast as well as telling the story of the competition to provide a design for it.

The various sources for the elements of the architect Alfred Brumwell Thomas's design for the building through various changing phases are identified, while the main elements of the finished building are described and analysed facade by facade on the exterior followed by the main interior spaces room by room.

The development of the grounds around the building is also recounted, with a record of its various monuments, as is the career of the talented architect of the building.

This is a meticulously detailed, learned and lucid account of what is not only one of the most memorable buildings in Ireland, but also one of the best of its era in the whole of the British Isles. Belfast City Hall, an Architectural History serves as both a history of a remarkable project and a guide to the building as it stands today.


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