The Donegal Currachs

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'A most ingenious piece of naval architecture' was how a 19th century visitor described the currachs he saw on Tory. Probably the oldest type of boat in use in Europe today, in Donegal the currach was (and continues to be) adapted to cope with the rigours of the ocean, a far call from its origins as a coracle on the calm inland waterways.

In The Donegal Currachs Donal shares with you his great knowledge and enthusiasm as he explains in a delightful mix of written and oral history, anecdote and legend, word and image, the history of these remarkable little craft. Faced with the challenge of more modern craft a few years ago, it seemed the currach might disappear into the sea-fog of the past. However renewed interest in local heritage has seen a revival of fortune with a new generation of builders emerging all along the coast.

In this book Donal has included a set of beautifully illustrated instructions with all the information you need to build you own currach and become part of this revival.

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